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art as a magickal practice

Organizing Committee:

this course will bring together artists and occultists to discuss how art and magick intersect.  we will study both high and low magick techniques to see how they can be applied to an art practice.  some days will consist of lectures on occult history, theory, and specific occultists/artists who use magick in their work.  other sessions will be experiential meditations and rituals.  the general discourse will be about how to apply magick to art- as concept, physical material, ritual process, or final result.  artists of all mediums and levels of experience are invited to attend, as well as anyone with an interest in this subject.  i am open to suggestions about readings and guest lecturers.  



Hello Magickal Artists! This is a quick note to let you know that the related class PRACTICING SHAMANISM has been scheduled to begin next weekend, Nov 13 at 4pm. All are welcome to attend!

Hi, All-
Please join the "art as a MAGICKAL practice" group on FaceBook, so we can keep in touch.
You never know when you might need to form a coven!!!


Hi Claire, my name is Silvia and I would love to join your class. I just won't be able to attend the first meeting, but I will think about the assignment.
I'm looking forward to it veeery much!
Soon, and have fun tomorrow.

sure, hrhass, you can show up. the people who have already rsvp'd and paid will be presenting a "homework assignment" on the first day, which is to bring in work to share from an artist who deals with the magical/mystical/occult. you can bring images, books, video, audio, whatever. see you soon.

hi hrhass - in my experience, the "interested" number can be misleading - i think you're very correct in thinking that not all who initally showed interest will rsvp, or attend, for any number of factors. plus some folks might not come to all of them. i, for instance, can't come to the first 2...
hope this is great!

hello, i would like to attend this series but see that you intend to cap occupancy at 25. would it make sense for me to show up at the first class in the event that some rsvp'd that will not attend?


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