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Past, Present and Future; The Shape of the Philly Public School

Organizing Committee:


*Class proposal generated with the help of Barbara Joseph

Past, Present and Future; The Shape of the Philly Public School

This will act as a planning session for the building of the Public School, Philadelphia.

Past, present and future of the Public School:  A look at notable courses taken place at  the various locations, present organization and infrastructure of school branches, future shape and approach of the Philly Public School.  It would also be good to be in conversation with a few facilitators from different locations.

Wednesday March 24th 6:30-8:30 pm is the current set date.  Open to the public.  Meeting will take place at Basekamp, 723 Chestnut 19106

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Thanks all for coming to this first organizational meet-up! I took some notes as mentioned so I will post them here.


The Public School, Organizational Meeting – 3/24/10

What is the role of the facilitators?
•Facilitators as PR agents: let’s get the word out.
•No overarching rule for the group, but just a group to act as an agent for making things happen with the school and building a base.

An idea for a class:
•Experimental performance and music: vocalizing, percussion, movement. Can’t run it till June.
•An example of someone using the Public School as a tool for organizing ideas that already.

Questions about the website:
•Can there be a max number of people? Yes, just describe in the content region or the comments region.
•The website is overwhelming with so many posts and no activity.
•It should be clear on the site: who can teach what when.

Ideas for classes:
•Information Graphics

PR to tell people about site and school:
•Use the tools that are already out there.

Should the classes be free?
•Suggested donation or donation.
•It is ultimately up to the teacher.
•But to start we can offer a slew of free classes.
•It can be a goal to offer free classes.

There is the desire to define a mission about for the public school:
•Talk about starting with a foundation rather than jumping into classes.
•There is still a need to start up different classes to get the ball rolling.

Next Steps:
•Let’s have a follow-up meeting that is more focused on brainstorming about the fundamentals of the Public School: What is it? What does it mean for community? What is the role of the Facilitators? What makes the tool + school unique? Other ideas.

Let’s have 2 meetings: one for getting classes off the ground and one for defining a mission and organizing.

Classes initiated:
•Spanish Class, bi-weekly.
•Ben will teach through the summer.
•Shorter class for conversation.
•Longer weekend class intensive.
•All at basekamp for now.


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