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silk screening

Organizing Committee:

I'd like a silkscreening workshop that teach the artist (whether an old pro or a total rookie) how to expose a screen using the sun and photo emulsion (so that you can do it in your studio/garage/backyard!). Walk through the entire process, from image creation to finished print, introducing ideas and options along the way.

It's really easy to show someone how to screen print, really hard to tell them how to do it. One afternoon that eliminates days of learning curve and frustration.

One can bring anything they want to print on (paper, clothes, wood, glass, whatever!), ones ideas, and questions.

A one day workshop.



Glad you enjoyed it, Al-Insan.

Good luck to all of you! Now that you have some screenprinting prowess, you can conquer the world!


The class was great--thanks for all of the info and training. Really enjoyable and truly helpful. Nice job...


Hi, Everyone.

Bad news - I have come down with the flu and have to postpone our final class. Sandra is unavailable due to work, so we will move the last class to next Saturday, Oct. 30th, from 3:30-5:30PM.

This gives you a bit more time to prepare, in case you need it. And of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

I will send an email to everyone on the class list, as well.

So the new meeting time for our last class is:

Saturday, Oct. 30th
3:30 - 5:30PM at The Public School

See you then,

Hi, Screenprinters!

Two down, one to go. We're so close, I can smell the finished prints...

Here's the supply list for the last class next week. We'll be back to our regular time, 1:00-3:00, so please take note.

You will need:
- Your burned screen, ready to print
- Squeegee that fits your screen
- Paper to print on (Refer to original supply list for suggestions)
- Paper for test prints - same size as your finish paper (Can be Kraft paper)
- Extra thick card stock for cutting up and using for clean-up, etc (This is not mandatory because I will bring some, but I may not have enough for everyone, so please bring a little just in case)
- Apron
- Rags
- Yellow ink (If ya want it)
- Small empty containers for ink (I will bring a lot, so if each of you brings at least ONE, we'll be covered)
- Transparent medium (Ask the folks at McLogan's or Rheetech about this. You'll need to use the transparency medium if you want to play with layering semi-translucent colors.)

We will provide:
- Black, white, red, blue ink - NO YELLOW!
- Acetate (for registering image)
- Paper towels
- Packing tape + Masking tape
- Thick card stock for multiple uses (not for printing or test printing)
- Simple Green / Greased Lightning

**For those of you who would like to experiment with an alternative method for creating the stencil on your screen, please see the new document about painting your image on using screen filler. It's easy! You don't have to take the screen to Rheetech, etc. to get it burned, either. I have also attache a handout that covers a different type of home-made exposure unit. This one is more involved than what Dewey showed us, but still doable.


If you have any questions, you know where to reach us.


No unfortunately, I did not pay, darn it!! :( well, thank you for responding anyway :)!

I have the same issue as Totiju I was not able to make it for the first class and I did pay the classes in full.Can you let me know if I can go to the next class?

Hi, Totiju

If you paid for all three classes and made it onto the class roster, then you're welcome to join. Cybelle(sp?) handled all the payments, so she can tell you for sure if you're covered.


Hey Jsquared, I couldn't make it to the first class on Saturday, can I still attend the other 2 classes?

Hiya, Screenprinters!

Great first class. Thanks to those of you who were able to make it out!

First, please find a batch of handouts here:

I will upload more handouts as the class progresses. These first handouts are related to the basics we discussed on Saturday, with some more in-depth info on the history of screenprinting.

Second, please bring your artwork/ideas for artwork (drawings, etc) to class this Saturday. You may begin to gather your materials for printing, but won't need the bulk of them until the final class. Please refer to the original post concerning class content and materials and contact me if you have any questions.

OUR NEXT CLASS WILL BEGIN AT 2:00 PM INSTEAD OF 1:00. We'll cover the how-to for a home screenprinting set-up (including materials), as well as share detailed info to make sure you're prepared to print on the final day. We will meet at The Public School, with the possibility of a trip to the Self-Help printing space for a tutorial from another printmaker.

To get the ideas flowing, here are some links to various printmakers' work:

Jay Ryan -
Daniel Macadam -
Steve Walters/Screwball Press -
Karen Fiorito -
Anne Benjamin -
Shepard Fairey -
Mark Weaver -
Just Seeds Print Shop (check out the screenprints here. many are simple 2 color prints...)


As always, contact me or Sandra with questions.


This class is now FULL. Thank you to everyone who paid online. See you tomorrow!



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