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[…] is a project that looks at alternative possibilities for the dissemination and distribution of ideas.[…] works through a process of commissioning new editioned artworks which are then set in motion within a variety of modes of circulation. The duration of the works is never determined, leaving room for an uncertainty in who, how and when a viewer will experience the work

[…] explores the legacies of conceptualism and mail art with emphasis on the mutability and variability in which ideas exist and evolve in the world, changing their meaning and significance as a result of their modes of distribution, transference and performance.

[…] works as a continuous ‘port’ for the production of artworks and ideas, […] is not anchored to any particular location, medium or network and aims to create new formulations of distribution for every artwork it presents, to find the artwork’s own topology of exchange and movement.

[…] The sharing of ideas through different modes and networks.

[…] Provoking an awareness of the journeys an idea undertakes.

• […] in Brussels from April 20 to 26th is curated by Sepake Angiama, Oliver Martinez Kandt, Thom O’Nions and Adam Thomas who will be responsible for sorting the editioned artworks by Ben Cain, Ruth Ewan and Shahin Afrassiabi.


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