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The Shape of The Philly Public School, 6:30 PM, April 21st, 2010

Organizing Committee:


Below are notes from the last Shape of the Philly School Meeting.  This week we can talk specifically about:

solidifying and launching classes/building a summer schedule

departmenal emphasis -- are there people interested in stewarding groups of classes?



Please feel free to bring up questions and comments, and things you would like to explore in this upcoming meeting by leaving a comment on this page. 



April 7th 2010

Class Logistics
       Need for D.A.N. representation during classes?

#TPSPHILLY -- hash tag/backchannel when tweeting
Kris follow-ups
Liberty resources-- Disabilities and etiquette
       --talk to Leigh
Greater Philadelphia Puppetry Guild-- Table-top Puppetry

Experimental Music Improv in June (Joel + Ish)
               get people to express interest
       --Ish’s availability?
       --Goal oriented process
       --Working toward performance

Proposals in the Works
               Design Studio/Charette/Design Slam Workshop for. . .  (Meg)
                       a).  presentation
                       b).  rapid ‘sketching’
                       c).  what works and what is throw-away
                       d).  goes through multiple iteration
                       --ligretto prep
                                       talk about characters and sets
                                       open up to interested groups
                                       field test
                                       Duran-- (tech support at Uarts) availability?
                                       Neil-- expressed interest
                                       Remote course work

--Class Organizing
               What classes are in queue?
               Who wants to teach them?
               Who wants handle scheduling (D.A.N.)
               Recap on Espanol
                       what works so far

               Who wants to teach Information Graphics? co-teach?

--Special interest support:
       Forming small groups around needed support
               a). website
               b). outreach
                       i.d. cards-- print out as Teadent Card
--Course interests, and 'departments'
       experimental studio classes
       alternative cultural histories
       design studio/Charette/Design Slam (on-going imagined/realworld
problem solving
--Discussion lists in addition to bi-weekly meetings

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