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Travel with Sushi: From Origin to Mid 19th Century

Organizing Committee:


The sushi we eat today is evolved from the "Edo-mae style" typical of the mid-19th century.  So what was sushi like before then? 

This is a course offering a culinary time-travel adventure.  As you explore a non-linear history of sushi, you will experience a range of typical regional and historic forms of this Japanese culinary art.  Sharing collections of historic paintings and illustrations that tell of the development of sushi from its earliest origins, I will bring this rich cultural and culinary phenomenon to life:  You will learn about the effects on sushi's development of geography, oceanography, climate, politics, war, immigration, urban planning, human disaster and cultural influence.    You will see and taste unique sushi forms dating from before the Edo-mae style, such as Hako (Boxed Sushi), Mushi (Steamed Sushi), Bo Sushi (Pressed Stick Sushi) and others.    

If you enjoy typical modern-day sushi, you will enjoy tasting most of the foods in this course.  Class fee will depend on how many varieties of sushi we include in our exploration, as this is "hands-on".   I will try not to exceed more than $30 to encourage people to join this culinary experience.  

Catering will be provided by special arrangement with an established sushi restaurant - in other words, you won't come across the sushi I'm offering at your typical neighborhood sushi restaurant in LA. 





This is a reminder that Travel with Sushi meets TODAY at 3pm at The Public School.

The class is full, so please only attend if you've completed your payment online. If you didn't make it into the class, keep an eye on the class page, there will be more opportunities for this class in the future!


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