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There is nothing less passive than the act of fleeing...

Organizing Committee:


Deadlock: perpetual war, failing economies, the crumbling of education, capitalist realism, our environment in ruin, hostility everywhere.

Resistance? Confrontation? Insurrection?

Exodus: silence, autonomy, occupation, withdrawl, invisibility, friendship.

The Public School is organizing a 13-day seminar, meeting each day at a different location in Berlin. This seminar takes the form of an open reading group, where the texts discussed each day resonate with the site selected. On 18 July The Public School and The Office will host an event to be held at Salon Populaire. The day will unfold as a series of participatory conversations and workshops.

This proposal is for localized version of the activities we are doing in Berlin. This link has our reading list and schedule.

Please revise, adapt and/or transform for your city!

-Sean, Caleb and Fiona 




I hope see you all at Semiotext(e)’s Intervention class. (I will miss the first one though.)

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i just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this class. i had really amazing time getting to know all of you and having really interesting discussions. i hope to see all of you again in future classes.

ps: there is everything more or less passing than the non-act of returning

Yes, Thursday, 8pm, at the Public School. Readings are Day 12 and 13:

Ready-Made Artist and Human Strike: A Few Clarifications
Claire Fontaine

Invisible Man (prologue)
Ralph Ellison

Who Cares
DOUG ASHFORD, moderator

there is some talk of having a barbeque - luke, do you still have a grill?

see you there!

Are you guys doing this Thursday? I can't do the readings due to jet lag and general delirium, but I may be able to stop by and say hi.


thurs works for me. what were the readings? claire fontaine + ...?

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I will definitely be in town thursday and would love to come finally!

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i think we are doing all of day 12 and 13.

liz, we spoke early today about what day we should meet. i just realized i have classes starting this week on tuesday nights. however, thursday works fine for me. what about everyone else?

hey guys - what are the readings that were decided on for this week? thank you!

If willing to travel to the West side next Thursday, I'm offering my house to meet. With barbecue, and nice places to sit around. Not very public though.


Unfortunately, I can't make it tomorrow :( -Simone



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