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Specters of LA Theory & Planning

Organizing Committee:


This course will operate as the theoretical & planning wing of the Specters of LA class (

The class will interrogate ideas of the Specter, urban & collective memory, social/cultural resurrection, analyses of LA and the California imaginary. Readings may include Derrida, Benjamin, Ed Soja, Joan Didion, Dennis Cooper, Norman Klein, Mike Davis & ANYTHING ELSE YOU SUGGEST!

The class will also be an opportunity to reconvene and (when necessary) come up with ideas for and plan the next site visits and deal with any other logistical issues faced by the site visits (documentation, discussing how to "resurrect" the specters, writings on previous visits, who to contact).  Therefore, if you missed the pre-summer meeting it's totally fine, we can discuss the future of Specters of LA HERE!  [However, you don't NEED to come to this class to go to the site visits.]

The first class should occurs November 21st, with further meetings occurring approximately once every month or two.








The Soja article is available here, just create an account:

Glad you're excited and look forward to meeting you!


I'm really excited about this class.. thanks for putting this together. I assume that we will need to read the Urban Restructuring article before class on the Nov 21? If so, how do we get ahold of that article?


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