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We are searching for ways of being together within fragmentation after former collective figures have either broken down or become obsolete. Establishing a value of trust-over-time when most conduits of connection seem either corrupted or exhausted. What we don’t-know-we-are-doing could be of more value that what-we-do (know). Rather than entering an official space or discourse and breaking it down we want to keep what little we have to ourselves, even if it’s for sure we don’t know what it is? Rather than saying 'I am not a use-value' the question is 'Can I show what my use value is?' Let’s talk about it!

(I'm posting this class proposal for A Constructed World - SD)


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Hi everyone, I'm just posting a reminder that we're going to meet tomorrow at 5pm to discuss being in groups, not-knowing, use-value... 951 Chung King Road... Geoff is also cooking dinner for afterwards if you want to stick around and watch videos, continue talking, etc

To relate to our Tiqqun discussion, if being-in-a-group (in the unknown) is something like mutual forms of life:

-- from intro to civil war

In and of themselves, forms-of-life can be neither said nor described. They can only be shown—each time,
in an always singular context. On the other hand, considered locally, the play between them obeys rigorous
signifying mechanisms. If they are thought, these determinisms are transformed into rules which can then be
amended. Each sequence of play is bordered, on either edge, by an event. The event disorders the play between forms of-
life, introduces a fold within it, suspends past determinisms and inaugurates new ones through which it must be
reinterpreted. In all things, we start with and from the middle.

I seem to inhabit an alone space of not knowingness.

Looking forward to a possibility of sharing spaces


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