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Organizing Committee:

Read all we can of Spinoza, particularly the Emendation of the Intellect, the Ethics and the Political Treatise, and then some of the key readings of Spinoza making him central to contemporary radical political discourse: Deleuze's two books, Negri's Savage Anomaly, Balibar's Spinoza and Politics.

I can lead this class, but not till February. I'd love to know if anyone would like to split the facilitation...


hey everyone, looking forward to this afternoon -- just wanted to drop a line to remind people of the LA marathon when making their travel plans today. not only is it raining, but the streets around dodger stadium will be completely closed until at least 11am or something, with closures continuing to clear westward after that -- so that plus the rain plus the general spectator traffic will probably make your trip a little longer than normal.

hope still to see you there!


hi! i'd like to start attending this but i've missed the first half of the class. does it make sense for me to try to get up to speed and join the last half? if so, does someone mind quickly clueing me in on what to read?

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sorry about the scheduling issue. i just posted the last 3 sessions to the calendar. they will all be happening at 1pm, i hope that works for you.

Sorry, folks, this is pushing it a little later than I can do today -- and I'm trying to shake a cold in advance of a busy work week.

Looks like I'll have to miss it today, but I'm still in for the other classes.

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great, i've also heard from matt who can meet at 1pm but has things to do at 4. i just changed the time for the class to 1pm.

This works fine for me at least and I'm going to be helping with the facilitation, so hopefully it's good for matt too. Looking forward to the conversation!

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hi guys. i made a mistake with the scheduling for tomorrow. this is extremely last minute but we have meeting in the late morning at the publicschool and i would like to push back our class a little bit to 1pm. matt, if this doesn't work for your schedule we can start the class earlier and sit out front. i hope thats okay.

First class is Saturday, then the remaining classes on Sundays.

For the first class, the Emendation of the Intellect/Improvement of the Understanding, and take a look at Ethics Book I. We can begin the latter but I doubt we'll get through it. I'll also discuss Descartes' Meditations, as the key reference point for the young Spinoza.

We need to decide whether to attempt one or two books per class in the coming weeks. To be thorough, I've thought just to do one per class. So next week (Sun. Feb. 27), we'd do Ethics Book I, and see if we can get into Ethics Book II. The following week, Book II, heading into Book III. Etc. But if people want to go faster, we can attempt two books per week: Feb. 27 2-3, Mar. 6 books 4-5, and then we could get into the more recent literature.


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week 1: the emendation of the intellect and take a glance at ethics and it's overall structure
week 2: ethics book 1 ("of god")
week 3: ethics book 2 ("of the nature and origin of the mind")

Can someone post the definitive reading schedule for the first three courses? What should we read for the first class this Sunday?



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