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Globalizing Art

Organizing Committee:


How is the system that constitutes “contemporary art” - the relations between artists, viewers, institutions, biennales, art fairs, gallerists, critics, theorists - independent from localized cultural, social, political and economical circumstances? Is there a global art, one contemporary art, now? The answer is obviously, no, but we want to find out what happens in sites that are not part of the dominant nodes of the contemporary art world. Other than art metropolis like Berlin or New York, where networks are connecting higher education, museums, project spaces, galleries through collaborations and various tools of communication, what takes place where there is no institutional framework or history of contemporary art practices? Additionally, how do artists operate in places that have social, political and economic turmoil and lack of infrastructure for the production, circulation and discussion of cultural products? Additionally, how does the global art market parasite off of smaller, localized production as a source of inspiration and products to market to a larger audience?



Meeting tomorrow at high noon. What are we reading? See you there.



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dear all,

just wanted to drop a quick line that the next meeting of the class takes place on april 2nd, 12pm!

as discussed there might be a summary of projects in montreal. and somewhere else? just let the class know what you are up to and what to read possibly.


Hello hello--not that anyone is holding their breath over my attendance, but just wanted to say that I can't make it today. Life has been hectic on the bureaucracy side for this non-German, unfortunately, but I'll look to my email to see what happened during class and if things will go on into further discussion topics! Hope the class is delightful! Cheers, Brittany

hello class,

enclosed you find the link for the belting text on global contemporary art that i would like to hear your opinion about on saturday. i'm looking forward to discuss with you.

my best,


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just wanted to let everybody know that there is a time change and we will meet next saturday, march 19, at 11am!

we can then also figure out how to continue the class and what to read from the graw chapter that andrea sent around.


Thank you!


it was my first upload on arg, so I might have done something not correctly.
here is an external link, which hopefully works.

Thank you, Andrea for uploading.
But I couldn't find the link.
Not sure if I'm using aaaaarg correctly..
Could anyone else get the pdf?

Looking forward to next Saturday.
Cheers, c

Hi All,
I had posted the pdf of "High Price: Art Between the Market and Celebrity Culture" by Isabelle Graw, on arg.
the link is

I realized that I only have the first chapter, so we need to choose from there.
The other thing is that I won't be able to prepare on this for the next meeting, unfortunately. If there will be a meeting after this saturday, i would be able to make an intro.
but maybe this will make enough time for all of us to read the whole chapter, which is some 35 pages.
or we shall choose a smaller part which concerns the group the most, which would be very democratic!


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hello everybody,

just a quick reminder for our meeting tomorrow, saturday at 11am!

looking forward to seeing you



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