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No Other Impossible Worlds

Organizing Committee:


The Public School Berlin was recently invited to contribute a catalogue text to an upcoming exhibition to be held in town this spring. The exhibition will address the function of art projects and spaces in redefining/reimagining the world we live outside of economic globalization, institutional discourse, hegemonic social and political systems and so on. We thought that the best way to approach writing this text was to hold a class, in which we look at particular models and practices, and respond collaboratively together either with an analysis or our own conception of a possible world(s). The form that the final text will take will be determined by the group and could be a transcript, a series of annotations, sketches, or something else entirely. We will post the readings that we’ll be looking at for the day here soon, but if you have some ideas about what would be good to look at, please post a note!
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hi, will this go fwd? hope so.

good idea.
that would be great... it's been a busy week.

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hi everyone,
i suggest we give ourselves a few more days on that text, what do you say? maybe until mon/tues?

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Cool, thanks. I updated the reading list here:

Can't seem to find a copy of A Thousand Machines so if anyone has one, please upload to AAAAARG.

sure, in the insurrection to come i feel from the 5th circle to the 7th circle might be enough to contextualize the communes matter i feel might be of use, and the chapter 'abstract machines' on raunig's.

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and this is the text i mentioned last time:

luis – could you suggest some specific chapters/parts of the texts you mentioned?

let's try to keep the texts short for this one, please..

My apologies for the mis-translated title, in English it is: The Coming Insurrection.

i would like to suggest both recent semiotext(e) publications, The Insurrection to Come by the Invisible Committee ( and A Thousand Machines by Gerald Raunig ( The readings on communes and abstract machines, respectively, seem timely and relevant to the discussion.

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Hi, I'd like to suggest one of Ned Rossiter's papers on "Organized Networks" as a reading for the class. This would be a good starting point, I think:


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