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The Egyptian Revolution and its Historical Context

Organizing Committee:



This proposal is a copy of a class that recently took place in The Public School Los Angeles where Ethan Pack, who studies Middle East literature and politics, gave a special presentation on the revolution underway in Egypt:


"The class will consist of a talk putting the Egyptian revolution into a few relevant contexts. Hopefully, this will ground people's understanding of the dimensions through which these events may be viewed. I will add some of my own analysis along the way, and perhaps some relevant video footage (or photography) from the protests if a projector can be set up. The main themes – and major guiding questions – will be as follows:

  • Egypt on the eve of the demonstrations: What was the political situation? Why didn’t anyone see this coming?
  • Tunisia, by way of Beirut and Baghdad: Why one man’s self-immolation was the most important event in 60 years for the Arab world.
  • Egypt’s Revolutionary History: Why Egypt has mattered, from Nasser to the present.
  • What’s next: Information on the relevant factors at play if/when Mubarak is overthrown.


...This class will center on an explanation of contexts that led up to the mass demonstrations. Whether or not Mubarak’s regime is still in power, the class will help situate people with the relevant background to enrich discussion of these dramatic events and their significance."  

The Berlin version could examine what happens in the Middle East within a similar comprehensive presentation and search for a possible expert or by bringing different observations together to discuss them. See video stream of the LA class under the following link


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In light of this week's events in Egypt, I'm wondering if we could hold another meeting of this class in the near future?

hi everyone,

we're currently planning a class about the ways in which technologies played a role in recent uprisings in egypt, iran etc. this may be interesting for some of those who participated in the egyptian revolution class. it will probably take place on the 2nd of september - more info will follow in the comments section of the other class proposal.


kind regards,

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we will be meeting tomorrow at 15:00 at Invalidenstrasse 115 (access through the second courtyard). There's a couple of articles posted under 'notes' that can provide some more context for the discussion, so please have a look.

Looking forward to this!


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