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Death to the Detail - The Art and Architecture of Donald Judd & Greg Lynn

Organizing Committee:


1994, the architect of American Minimalism, artist Donald Judd, passes away and Greg Lynn's FORM is established. 1997, Gregg Lynn undertakes a highly iterative four-year project entitled "Embryological House", a decade and a half earlier Judd had worked through a similarly iterative series, over four years, entitled "100 untitled works in Milled Aluminium". Coincidences aside, let's investigate these two projects as a doorway into discussions of space, specificity or the death of the detail, fabrication, art, architecture...

Our initial texts will be Lynn's "Machine Language" and Judd's "Specific Objects".


Concurrent with the Donald Judd exhibition at David Zwirner (on view through June 25, 2011), the gallery is pleased to present two special events.
525 West 19th Street
New York
212 517 8677

Screenings of Marfa Voices, a short documentary film by Rainer Judd
Saturday, June 25, 2011
1PM, 3PM, 5PM
Each screening will be introduced by the filmmaker with a Q&A after.
A reception will follow the 5PM screening.
Free & open to the public. In the gallery's 519 West 19th1 Street location.
Rainer Judd is the daughter of Donald Judd (1928–1994). A graduate of New York University's Film program, she has worked with directors such as Francis Coppola and Gus Van Sant, both in front of and behind the camera. She became a co-executor of the Judd Estate in 1994. In 1996, she became a founding trustee of Judd Foundation and now serves as President of the Board. Since 2006, she has overseen Judd Foundation's Oral History Project, an ongoing extensive film project that documents interviews with individuals who each have unique and invaluable perspectives into Donald Judd's artistic philosophy and working method. Judd shared his artistic vision and process with those working around him, including assistants, fabricators, friends, dealers, and many of the most prominent artists, scholars, and collectors of the time. The film, Marfa Voices (25 minutes), co-directed by Karen Bernstein, features excerpts from these interviews and is a collection of vivid anecdotes and personal reflections by Marfa, Texas residents who had special connections to Judd's artistic practice. The film portrays an intimate view of the artist as a town resident for nearly 20 years.

Hi All,

I'm going to have to reschedule class again due to a leg injury from this afternoon. I'll be away through August but let's plan on reconvening in the fall - as well as continuing to post on the board.




If you can't make it we should reschedule for next Sunday.
Not a problem for us with the location etc...what does everyone else think?
Does the class plan remain the same - discussion on We Have Never Been Modern along with Lynn and Judd?



Late notice - but I'm still neck deep in finals. Could people meet on the 14th or 15th instead of tomorrow?

Is the meeting on May 8th still happening?

Another good article on Judd from The Design Observer Group Observer_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_05_05_2011&entry=26238

hi all,
if you arent already going to be way too busy with finals/work or the anarchist turn and historical materialism conferences ( )

then perhaps i will see you at the Festival of Ideas for The New City; INABA slash Machineous (Greg Lynn's studio side-project?) has an ongoing kiosk between tomorrow and Sunday at the New Museum and Cooper Union. Many other good events also. Hope to see you soon.

I'll be at the "Bad is Good" lecture tomorrow night if anybody want to meet and discuss afterwards -

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sorry- previously mentioned lecture on thurs. april 21

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and a lecture...
Bad is Good: Flavin Judd and Rama Chorpash on
Donald Judd's Process and Principles of Design
Parsons - 66 Fifth Ave, Kellen Auditorium
6pm, $0.



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