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Practicalities of Revolt

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Practicalities of Revolt

This class would look at the nuts and bolts of revolution and insurrection to better understand (and have a roadmap) during the disarray of a popular revolt. For example, if all businesses are closed, where does one get food? Water? Medical supplies? What happens if the power grid is shut down? How do you make gear to protect from the onslaught of thugs/police (see Egyptian homemade helmets)? What are the basics of first-aid you should know? What do you do if the government shuts down mobile communications and access to the internet or is monitoring them to stop organizing before it begins? Also, what are useful things that can be done from abroad to assist in other people’s struggles? Spread information? Electronic Civil Disobedience? And on and on...

The answers to these questions would be different for specific situations, but could we develop some general information that would be useful? Perhaps develop a web platform to collect and gather knowledge that could be put to practical use in the future?

A couple examples that might be a good starting point:
Leaflets that circulated in Egypt (shown by Ethan during the The Egyptian Revolution and its Historical Context class)
This is a guide from the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management of what to do in an emergency. They are coming from a different angle (!), but there is useful information here that is clearly explained and accessible.
Google Crisis Response for Egypt



Hi All - I have an odd question - I'm doing a performance in late July that will be a kind of choir piece with 15 "singers/chanters" - including 10 megaphones and lots of Walkie Talkies - along with about 20 radios - the text will be pulled from various sources but most principally from the IWW Little Red Songbook

We're looking for someone that may help us by lending us a bunch of walkie talkies and Caleb suggested you all would be a good bunch to ask - if any of you happen to have some walkie talkies around and would be willing to let us borrow them that would be great


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@azdelSlade, sorry you can't make it, but maybe you want to lead a session this summer on your work with B.A.N.G. Lab?!

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damn, i'd LOVE to attend this but can't make it today... i'll be around a lot more in the summer...


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