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Wheat Paste: A {very}short study of creating and applying fun into the world.

Organizing Committee:

Ah the joy, the wonder, the fun? A study and practise of the artistic (it does involve destruction and creation) process of making wheatpaste in groups.

Imagine the joy one gets from making wheatpaste on their own but imagine that shared joy when we do it together. The goal of the class is to teach students not only how to create their own wheatpaste but also learning to utilize its physical applications. The class will cover a short range of subjects from a discussion on wheatpasting to final class which involves students using wheatpaste to apply stencilled images to a large canvas.

Proposed outline/syllabus/plan:

1. Welcome to wheatpaste! Please don't touch the walls 

        a. Meet your class, shake hands, smile, and enjoy the fact that you came to a ps class

        b. A discussion of wheatpaste theory: the history, the composition, examples, and possible applications

        c. What is wheatpaste? The composition and understanding of a non crazy glue

        d. High five eachother and enjoy the fact you met new people


2. What am I wheatpasing?

       a. Class works on creating stencil images for final class

       b. Class makes wheatpaste for final class


3. Application

     a. Class applies stencils to canvas

     b. Class ajourns one last time, we hug and depart to spread the knowledge


Aside from my sense of humor a potential lesson on wheatpasting would need to discuss aquiring some very tangible things such as:

1. A space to collaborate

2. Supplies & raw materials (Class can discuss in first lesson)


This isn't something that has to be set in stone rather this classes progression should be open to suggestion to anyone interested.



Peace folks, based on the irratic weather, the rapture & a little mis-communicae, the class has been rescheduled. Please stay tuned for the new date & sorry to anyone who trekked out to bk for the class :( Dr. Quest will inform of the new date. Peace SpazeCraft

Hey amigos

Tomorrow its going down, the world didn't end so it seems we have class which means we're spreading the fun. Dress appropriately, wheat pasting is messy.

1pm at Spazecrafts warehouse:

41 Belvidere Street between Broadway & Beaver. Brooklyn NY

here is our numbers:

SpazeCraft: 9179415086

Dr. Quest: 7173146664

* Also if everyone could grab a small bag of flour on the way that'd be great. If anyone has paint rollers and wants to share, please do so..


yes this class is still happening, we're off this weekend but we'll be back on the 22nd at 1pm. We'll keep everyone posted as usual



Just joined the public school and found this class. is the class still happening?

Just wanted to recap on Sundays class:

Our next meeting is Sunday May 1st, 2pm at Spazecrafts space in Bushwick.

We'll be looking at real examples of street art, graffiti including wheat pasted images. The class will make a decision on the subject and purpose of our wheat paste project. Lastly it was decided that everyone attending seek examples (online) of wheat pasted imagery of personal interest. Examples are (ideally) posted onto the "notes" section of the class.


hey guys if anyone has any questions or needs to get location info just shoot a call tomorrow or msg to my cell: 717.314.6664

yes, we do have a plan in case of wet weather:
meet at McCarren Park as planned and move to a cafe in the vicinity if necessary.
BTW does anyone have suggestions for such a cafe in the McCarren Park area - for a small group to gather and discuss?


do we have an alternate class plan in case of wet weather?

We're on for the 24th! I'd really like this class to expand "a la beautiful katamari", so please if you have friends feel free to bring them as guest.

See you there!

Hey all,

Class has been scheduled for 1pm on the 24th:
"Mcarren park near the cherry blossoms at the baseball field (outside of the gate). We'll pick a spot to gather as a group from there."


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