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Soviet Cinema

Organizing Committee:


I really appreciate early Soviet cinema, but lack the historical contextualization... If more people are interested in this, maybe we could do some screenings and find someone to explain what is innovative about which movies, and how this should be seen in the light of film history as well as political history?


class was scheduled for 18h, i just changed it to 19h.. hope to see some of you!

i also found this essay about the next film:

dear all,
today we somehow finished the early era of soviet cinema; there would be much more to watch and discuss, but at least we've gotten a glimpse of the internal variation of early soviet cinema (from 1927 to 1931).
in two weeks, we'll continue with "Mne dvadtsat let" ("I am twenty"), a 1966 film by Marlen Khutsiyev. it's a longer film (more than 2 and a half hours), so we're not gonna watch all of it in class. the suggestion was to watch the first half at home, the rest in class and then discuss it there. for me it will be interesting to see how ideology is articulated differently in the 60s; in the 20s and 30s it seems to be very much rooted in an us vs them idea in which much of the mobilizing potential of the films lie, i'm not sure if this is the same in later works.
i found Mne dvadtsat let online:

it's 4 files but it seems to work, although the subtitles don't work for me, but you can download them separately here:
and here:

i downloaded the film so i can also give it to you if people meet me somewhere...

hope this is ok!

dear all,
i've just changed the time of the next meeting to sunday at 19h instead of 17h. the evening may be a nicer time to watch films, plus there's less "risk" of it being sunny outside (which might make the projection look bad).

hope to see you on sunday for dovzhenko's zemlya!


I think this is a great idea. I never sow this movie.

dear all,
as a bridge between the oldies and more recent films, i suggest that for next time, we maybe watch dovzhenko's zemlya (1930):

i have the film here, it's extremely good and only takes about 70 minutes. moreover, in the 60s dovzhenko taught tarkovsky and a number of other filmmakers and i think the stylistic continuity with tarkovsky is clear. i also found an essay that seems to be quite good (although i haven't read all of it yet) and brings dovzhenko in relation to eisenstein and others:

or does anyone have any other suggestions?

ok for now let's stick to the format we had until now then (watch movie, talk about it), and maybe for next time bring in some texts... ok? see you tmw!

I have the movie. Look likes subtitles are okay.
I don't have any text to read and talk about.

thank you,
I will try tonight.

i found two subtitle files:

but you should check in advance whether any of these really match the film, sometimes there's a few seconds difference and you have to synchronize them.. let me know if it works!



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