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Interactive Behavioral Systems

Organizing Committee:

According to British cybernetician Gordon Pask (1928-96), a feature of an interactive system are "underspecified goals".  Find out what that means, and learn a bit more theory behind the concept of interaction in this one-session class.  Then, put some theory into practice by programming an actual interactive piece.  

We can use the installation created by students in the Interactive Lighting workshop last month as a framework to test out some topics covered in class.  The installation features proximity sensor and microphone as inputs and programmable LED outputs mated to fiber optics. It currently resides in The Public School window display.


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yeah I kind of had to make the call on Sunday afternoon since there wasn't a reply to my previous comment and evening classes seem tougher to organize on weekends.

If there are several people from Interactive Lighting who would prefer to do work on the installation on Sat. evening I might be able to come meet with you separately then. In that case, please email me directly at nik [at] aeolab dot com.

For everyone else, don't forget to RSVP to the class and see you Sunday.

Hi Nik,

Unfortunately I can't make it to the class on July 3rd, as there is a goodbye party for me which I can't miss. How late will the class go? or would it still be possible to reschedule it to Saturday evening instead? I am fine with 5pm onwards.
But if it's too late to change, please go ahead.



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