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Topics in Mathematical Logic

Organizing Committee:


I'd like to propose an introduction to mathematical logic which would lead into an exploration of one of the many related areas, e.g., set theory or computability theory.

Initially, an introduction to formal logic would be ideal, touching on the techniques, philosophy, and historical development of the field. The emphasis could shift to either the philosophical or the technical, depending on the wants of the class. Some focus would necessarily have to be placed on gaining moderate technical proficiency, as an understanding of quantified, formal logic is the core from which other theories spring.

Once such a foundation is secured, other topics could be addressed. These could include (for the more technically inclined) introductions to set theory, computability theory, or model theory, or (for the more philosophically inclined) modal logic, non-classical logic, or the foundations of mathematics. Perhaps an overview of some of these areas and the importance of their main results could lead to a more thorough exploration of one or two of them.

As it seems that is closed down, there are plenty of works in the public domain on these areas; I'd even be willing to whip up a textbook if need be.


Thanks for the meeting everybody. Looking forward to reading more...

i will be out of town this weekend and can't come to this meeting, but i will post my reading notes (and look forward to any reports from the class), and i hope that i can join the next session.

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The introductory and planning session for this class has been scheduled for next Saturday the 12th at 2pm, at Hamilton Fish Library in the Lower East Side:

We'll be meeting in the Community Room – the librarians will be able to point it out to you when you arrive. Thomas Ferguson will be giving us an introduction to Mathematical Logic and leading a discussion around this reading:

And we'll be talking about where we want to go from there. Hope to see you.

Sorry to have missed this- Definitely keep me in the loop for the next session. Hopefully next time we won't have another surprise 'fractal shower':)

Sorry to have missed this- Definitely keep me in the loop for the next session. Hopefully next time we won't have another surprise 'fractal shower':)

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Hi Pablo – almost nobody made it out in the snowstorm but we had an interesting conversation all the same. We're going to try to schedule a second "first" meeting around the same reading. Stay tuned for details.

Did the meeting take place?


Two notes:

Importantly, the room for tomorrow is on the second floor by the juvenile section.

With respect to Pablo's post, I don't think any prior experience with these subjects is important. I think the broad goal is to get gain an appreciation for and a general understanding of some of the important results and concepts, e.g., Goedel's theorems, the Church-Turing thesis, and so forth.

These are beautiful and intriguing things, but we don't need to belabor the fine details to appreciate them. I don't suppose, for instance, that we'll meticulously prove Goedel's first theorem, but we can "sketch out" what it is and what a proof looks like without being logicians or mathematicians.

In short, no logic and math is required.

I can be reached at fergusontm (at)

I hope to see all of you tomorrow.


Thomas much logic and math is required for such a course? I am most likely to attend and check it out....any email to reach you?


this sounds great, definitely will try to make it.



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