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Boris Groys: Going Public

Organizing Committee:


This class would be a close reading and discussion of some of the essays in Groy's book "Going Public." In addition to the text we would look at the relevant pieces refered to in the text.

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sounds good, let's continue this monday with the two texts mentioned above:

see you at 8pm!

I'd like to keep reading Groys as well.
So this Monday?

I agree!
Lets continue to read Groys!

i see, i thought the 3 we read were the only 3 on the website.. but indeed,,, and apparently there's a few others..

so maybe (nika?) it would be more logical to continue groys here, and perhaps take up the imaginary communities stuff in a separate class, as it seems to deal only tangentially with some of groys' texts?

also this monday i have some other things to do as well, so it would be nice if people respond whether they agree on reading the two texts giles proposed.. i'd be down with that.. but if there's no real consensus i'd also be ok with postponing the class for a week..

I'm still interested in continuing to read Groys.. why don't we continue to read the going public essays? They are all on the e-flux website..

Perhaps 'Religion in the Age of Digital Reproduction' and 'Comrades of Time'?


hi all,
so just for clarification, are we meeting again on monday, and if so, what exactly are we reading? and considering the fact this is supposed to be a boris groys class, if we're gonna discuss other texts, would it not be a better idea to make a new class proposal, also to be clear about what issues exactly will be addressed? as this is not entirely clear to me at the moment.. please let me know what you (all of you) think..

i scheduled the class for same time next week - nika, please confirm which chapter you wanted to read (here or by email if website doesn't work)..

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"Imaginary Communities" that Nika is talking about is here:

Nika, please suggest a chapter that we can focus on~

so for next monday we read two texts:

also, i mentioned today in class a text by nancy, "is everything political?" that you can find on aaaaarg, and a text by bruner, "Abraham Lincoln as Authentic Reproduction: A Critique of Postmodernism", about authenticity and how it's produced...

see y'all next week!

ok sure let's start with the first text, "the obligation to self-design", on the 21st.. see you then!



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