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Like many others in this alienating world of ours, I have long lost track of my spiritual growth, and yoga might just be the way to get on the right track again. After all, mind and body are really just one substance, and if we neglect one, the other will not flourish.

It might be interesting to learn a little bit more about yoga, to avoid confusing it with what new age spiritualism made it into; but beyond that, we might also just do some yoga exercises together and see how that works out. I'd like this class to be mainly about communal yoga exercises (breathing, meditation, and the associated body positions).



Great, this Sunday at noon - lets meet in the flat lawn north of the karaoke amphitheater. (map: Please bring blankets/towels and/or a mat - something to create a surface a bit bigger than you when you lie down. And, like with any physical activity, don't drink or eat too much directly beforehand. I'm looking forward to it!

hey, the forecast is great (25 degrees and sunny), so i guess we should just meet this sunday.. any spot that will be easy to find for everyone?

i just scheduled this class for sunday next week, at 12h in mauerpark. as mauerpark is outside, we'll look at the weather forecasts a few days before and confirm or reschedule, or maybe move it to saturday if the weather is better then. also me or anna will post where exactly we can meet. hope to see many of you next week and finally do some yoga! and thanks anna!

hey there,

The weather for next sunday, 13th of May, looks warmer and dry. Should we schedule tentatively for 11am at Mauer Park, before it gets too busy there?
(sorry for the reiteration, wanted the date to be right).

The weather for next sunday, 12th of May, looks warmer and dry. Should we schedule tentatively for 11am at Mauer Park, before it gets too busy there?

I think the park will be great - people can bring sheets/towels instead of yoga mats! The forecast for the next week or so doesn't look so good though, hopefully soon...

yes! when do we start? maybe on a sunday afternoon in a park when the weather's nice?

I know this class has been on hold for a long time, but assuming there is still interest I would lead a class on just the basics of yoga. I am not a yoga teacher, but have been doing yoga for about 5 years, and I think it can be helpful in every person's life. I think it would be good to do the class in two sessions: one as a beginners introduction to the basics of vinyasa yoga (e.g., and the second session, one or two weeks later, to reinforce the basic routine. The goal would be to build a small but clear foundation of the yoga practice to do at home and/or to gain the basic skills to participate effectively in group classes at studios in Berlin.

unfortunately, our new teacher has just informed me he has hurt his hand and cannot teach the class this week - hopefully he'll be better next week... but for now, yoga will be cancelled (again).. sorry!



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