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Money: What is it?

Organizing Committee:


With Doug Henwood, editor of the Left Business Observer, we will discuss the concept of money. As Henwood notes, though money is one of the key organizing principles of our society, in mainstream economics it weirdly counts for very little—and the same for money's cousin, finance. Why the oversight? And what is money, really? How does it relate to the world of things? And how do we relate to it? Was Antonio Negri right when he said, "Money has one face, that of the boss"?



  • Doug Henwood


Thanks, Caroline. I'll have a little sign on our table.
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There are lots of groups that meet at 60 Wall St... is there a way that you will identify yourself or a specific place we should gather for the class?

Just a reminder that the first session of this class will take place tomorrow at 7pm at 60 Wall St. See you there!


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