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Organizing Committee:


Deleuze's 'théorie d'agencements' is particularly powerful to conceptualise and approach the complexity, dynamics and differences in the politics of life: 

An arrangement is constrictivist: 'Any two forces constitute a body as soon as they enter into relationship.' It's a construction of multiples, that change in nature according to the new relations created. We can understand this, as opening us a new ecosystemic approach toward theory and creative work. It might be interesting to arrive at a preliminary idea, of how the concept of arrangements can be used as a methodology for agency, art, creative practice and expression. 

First I'd like to discuss beforehand the framework of the class, regarding the group of people who would be interested. What would you be keen on talking about? What texts must and should we read? What concepts would you be interested in talking about? More philosophical or more applied ones?

Also, I would prefer a collective dérive instead of a deductive lecture, which could also result in a collection of small essays in the end. It would be nonsensical, to not consider the class itself as a new arrangement. Lets see what happens...


My approach would include following ideas: 1) From my point of view it would be important to distinguish Deleuze's theory from DeLanda's ANPS Assemblage-Theory and Latours ANT (Actor-Network-Theory) maybe Bourriauds "Relational Aesthetics". 2)Heike Delitz' Book "Gebaute Gesellschaft: Architektur als Medium des Sozialen" offers a nice perspective in which she develops a new understanding of urban planning based by applying the ideas in a 'machinic urbanism'. 3) Just a possible phylum: "Apparition=Apparatus"/"What does it mean to have an idea?"/"Concepts, they must be fabricated"/"Spaces of possibilities"/"Monsters and demonstrations"/"Machinic Arrangements and abstract Machines"/"Becoming"




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good idea! since this came sort of up in the last meeting we could maybe finalize this class and discuss how to continue it with the subjectification class?

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what do you wanna talk about?
should we rather do the subjectification pre-meeting?!

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... so i just finished "Metallic Assemblages of "DEL - H&S" (p.67 to 73 (mid let's say), at least 67-70)) which is very helpful - and in comparison to the d&g text an easy reading!

delanda is pointing out different aspects on assemblages in comparison to an aristotelian understanding on genesis of form, basically outlining a comprehensible differentiation between nomadic and state assemblages.

maybe look up Aristoteles
Οὐσία: OR
ὑποκείμενον: (

it also features a primary disagreement of delanda on d&g (+p70) which is perfect for me/&us to argue about, because me at least i don't get his point...

bonne nuit e/o good morning

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hey. we'll read a passage from manuel delanda's "Deleuze - History and Science"
i'll try to get an idea which passage is the most compelling one until tuesday


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looking forward to seeing you at archive! we'll read just two pages from ATP, ch.11.: "1837: of the refrain". book page 322/323, which is page 344/45 in the pdf.

i'll try to present the chapter in its entirety then.

pdf here:(

in the next classes we can start to compare deleuze with delanda and latour then. further ideas welcome...

just to make sure everybody got the info: next class, this thursday at Archive: Dieffenbachstraße 31, Kreuzberg

Hey Robert,

just wondering, is the meeting supposed to be tonight then? Or did it already happen? If it's tonight then I'll definitely be there!


Ricardo Maliar, aka Oliver Miller



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