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Basic Carpentry

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Learn how to use woodworking equipment to make basic projects like shelving, bookcases, benches, etc.


Totally still interested

I would definitely still be interested. Would anathemata still be interested in teaching?


yes indeed.

i might be interested depending on scheduling and cost. i'm a little disheartened by my failed attempt to learn woodworking at community adult school.

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i know it's been a while since this was proposed but, are any of you still interested in doing this??

Any progress with this class. I'm a little new here so I don't know how long this process takes. I've got some ideas spinning in my head that are itching to get made.

It's been a while since this class has been proposed, so I just wanted to second my interest in this class to get a little m ore notice to the new post. I'm interested.

I'd be happy to teach this class - and work in a shop that we could use as a facility for the class - the shop would offer both a good place for us to meet (which is in frogtown - just over the hill from the public school) and maybe some good safety lessons as well... We could also learn from short talks from a few other carpenters that have their shops in the same warehouse

I would attend this class !

i would to attend or teach this class
a facility with tools is the most important .


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