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handmade book creation, art, and activism

Organizing Committee:

Each student will make a one-of-a-kind artist book and edition artist book from start to finish, incorporating the work of the other students.  Once the pages are created, students will bind their edition artist books with instruction from Susan Mills.  

Students could consider the potential for the handmade art book and/or the activist book.  

Susan Mills is a traditionally trained bookbinder in private practice since 1990. She is passionate about bookbinding education and has taught thousands of people to bind books in both institutional and alternative settings. She is on the faculty of NSCAD University in Nova Scotia, regularly teaches hand bookbinding at Cooper Union Continuing Education and serves on the board of the not-for-profit The Center for Book Arts.


Susan also teaches Full Tilt classes at University Settlement. Full Tilt classes focus on one particular structure, incrementally, and address technique, skill, and practice. The needs of the present-day bookbinder are considered in conjunction with the historical aspects of hand binding.  Full Tilt classes are full tilt!  The lectures and demonstrations are compressed and studio work time is minimal.



  • Susan Mills, Full Tilt


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