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Occupy Philly: Dissecting Capitalism

Organizing Committee:

The Dissecting Capitalism series provides an introduction to capitalism, highlighting its historical, social, and political constructs as well as its systemic, global impact. Each session will feature speakers, open discussion, and for certain dates, short readings designed to facilitate participatory debate, dialogue, and popular education. We envision the series as forming a cohesive whole, and encourage participants to attend all ten sessions, if possible.

Presented by Occupy Philly Education & Training working group

Part 1: An Introduction to Capitalism,
with George Caffentzis and Alex Knight
Wednesday, February 1 at 7 p.m. at LAVA Space, 4134 Lancaster

This introductory session proceeds from the question: What is Capitalism? A rational economic model? A global system of abuse? A historically grounded, astoundingly massive mistake? George and Alex will explore this question from numerous angles as we aim to develop a common foundation for subsequent classes.

Future class themes and dates include (details to come soon):

  • Wed, Feb 8 Financial Crisis    
  • Wed, Feb 15 Historical Rise of Capitalism and Corporations
  • Wed, Feb 22 Work and Labor
  • Wed, Feb 29 Capitalism, Social Relations, and Power

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  • George Caffentzis
  • Alex Knight
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