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Wisconsin! A Grassroots View of the Uprising at One Year

Organizing Committee:

A presentation and Discussion with Dan Wang and the Anti Authoritarian Marxist Network of L.A. about one of the most significant social movements to emerge from the United States in a generation. Come participate in a discussion about the prospects for the Wisconsin movement and what it means in the context of Occupy, the Arab Spring, labor unrest in China, and the European politics of austerity.


Dan S. Wang is a writer, artist, organizer, and printer living in Madison, Wisconsin. He teaches printmaking at Columbia College Chicago. His critical writings have been published in journals, exhibition catalogues, and book collections. He has lectured at The Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), Kansas City Art Institute, Salzburger Kunstverein, Art Institute of Chicago, Depot for Kunst and Diskussion (Vienna), Documenta 12 (Kassel, Germany), the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), and the third Creative Time Summit (New York). 


Along with seven others he co-founded Mess Hall, an experimental cultural space in Chicago, and regularly works with the art/research groups Compass and Red76.

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i'm only leaving a comment to make sure my 'yes' rsvp goes through. though, on the subject of class struggle, the ufcw (united food and commercial workers union international is encouraging people to boycott fresh & easy grocery stores as they use underhanded anti-union tactics. just an fyi. peace.


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