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Subjectification (French: subjectivation) is a philosophical concept coined by Michel Foucault and elaborated by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. It refers to the construction of the individual subject. The concept has been often used in critical theory, sometimes with Louis Althusser's concept of interpellation. In Gilbert Simondon's theory of individuation, subjectification precedes the subject in the same way as the process of individuation precedes the creation of the individual. While the classical notion of a subject considers it as a term, Foucault considered the process of subjectification to have an ontological pre-eminence on the subject as a term.

CLASS STRUCTURE_ Different to the usual classes, we want to experment with this one, based on the schizophrenic idea of spokes-persons. In order to achieve a productive outcome of the class, it would be desirable, if every participant could choose a theorist as his/her subject and take their position, prepare a short summary/presentation of no longer than 15 minutes of one selected text from the bibliography below in which various understandings, standpoints, interpretations  and elaborations  can be found. This opens up discussion and hopefully clarifications on terminology and content of the presented texts. In that way, they can be put into relation to each other and considered in terms of to the history of their emergence as well as to today’s conditions of the subject/the self/subjectivities in general.

In an open discussion the subject of the class and the texts can be related with each other and as well with more personal experiences. 

Other suggestions/proposals for text or input in all kinds of forms are desired!


RESEARCH_ The first two meetings will be dedicated to collectively structure the class and identify questions, topics, categories, coupled/related authors/positions and relevant primary or secondary literature. 


OUTPUT_ We would love to gather some results in a little publication (summaries, analyses, interpretations, essays, poems) shortly after the class


BIBLIOGRAPHY & THEORISTS_ posted below (please choose and add further)

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Does anyone want to do a follow-up on this class? Will be arriving in Berlin next Tuesday, we mined some of this territory in our NYC reading group, "Our Lives Are Not Negotiable":

conference the coming weekend that relates to this class:

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Sounds good, but where can we find the text?

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Hi everyone,

I just realized that this Wednesday's meeting is on July 4th (Independence Day!). For the previous three years we've managed to read something from Tiqqun at TPS (or closely related): 2009: The Coming Insurrection by the Invisible Committee (in LA); 2010: Introduction to Civil War (Berlin); 2011: This is Not a Program (Berlin). So, in light of this—and making our own traditions—I propose a small addition to this weeks readings, which would be excerpts from "Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl" by Tiqqun. We just published two excerpts from the new translation by Ariana Reines for Semiotext(e) (I think which came out last week) in our current issue of TC:

It isn't so long and think relates well to what we planned on covering anyway (Butler) and our previous sessions.


See you Wednesday…


Here is a german translation of the Butler text:

I am out of town for the whole july, unfortunately. otherwise I would be in it....

Sorry everyone for being late, the game and everything. How about rescheduling for Wednesday, the 4th of July? Please post or email your thoughts! m



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