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On the May Day General Strike

Organizing Committee:


The Precarious Stirke: we will continue with discussion and participation in the May Day General Strike, with special interest in the precarious workers, unemployed, under employed. We will demonstrate indirect and poetic action, such as picnic, pot luck, art exhibit, performance such as free fair cuts and etc. 


On May 1st, in Madison Square Park. 


Here's a new one, "The Native and the Refugee":

An open research platform initiated by Matt Peterson & Malek Rasamny to investigate the experiences of Palestinian refugee camps and American Indian reservations. Through the Public School, we will organize and host discussions, screenings, and reading groups, to help compile and share our ongoing research and engagement on the history and horizon of the shared struggle of Indians and Palestinians for autonomy.

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Yes. We will be updating our location throughout the day via twitter.!/tpsny

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Are we meeting at 1 PM?

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Update: To be near Free University events, We will meet at Madison Square Park on the north side of the Fountain. See the map. Look for 'The Public School NY' sign.
Check out Free University schedule

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Hi friends.
The plan for second iteration of this class is a casual meeting in the middle of May Day to continue having conversation about precarious, informal, immaterial labor. We hope to make an inviting atmosphere for new comers and random encounters. Feel free to bring snacks, art projects, ideas, books, etc

we can look at general plan for the day at

It seems like best plan to meet in Bryant Park and head down to Union Square around 2pm. There are steps between the park and the Library. If we can hold TPSNY sign, some of us can meet there by 1:30pm? I imagine it will be a very busy space.

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Today 6pm The Potential of mass strikes. challenges and opportunities. featuring Jeremy Brecher. CWA 1180 Union Hall, 6 Harrison street, Lower Level.

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Hi all. thanks for coming last night and having a great discussion.
Hope we can have another session soon.
Here is an updated list of video and text that were shared.
Also, we will have 'On Democracies' class in May 5th 11am at 155 Freeman (schedule tbd).

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Hi there

If you have some time before this event tonight, I recommend following three text. We will also review some of them at the beginning of discussion.

A reminder, friends! See you in 11 hours.

Also, y'all should sign up for the Strike Everywhere listserv, which is becoming a really good resource for organizing happening in NYC: They also update their Facebook super regularly with all kinds of links on news and texts on the general strike:

Here's a good text that just came out:

Our reading group has also been kicking ass:



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