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Political Fiction

Organizing Committee:


I would like to organise a reading group on political fiction. This genre has often used narrative to comment or challange events, system and theories.

 I am interested in exploring other ways of representing social and political struggles. I like the idea of thinking resistance through a more imaginative approach, so It could be a good starting point to explore fiction as a possible space of critical discourse and as generator of other forms of political imagination.  

since weather is getting better we can think of open air sessions!

Here it is a list of possible readings:

- F. Kafka, The Castel

- Virginia Woolf, The Waves

- A. Platanov, The Foundation Pit

- Ursual K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

- Machiavelli, The Prince

- Mario Vargas Llosa, The Feast of the Goat

- Samuel R. Delany, Dark Reflections

- Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower


and... Other suggestions are very welcome!




Hi There! a link to an interesting (but long) interview to Samuel Delany in Paris Review:

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Hey everyone,
I finally got a scan of "among the blobs" by Samuel Delany to read next Wednesday. It can be found here: or here: I think we are also discussing Octavia Butler's, "Speech Sounds" (, which we didn't get to last time. 
Anything else on the menu Federica? 
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hey everyone, Federica posting something to the class blog regarding our next readings. chime in there:

This is Robert Walser, the writer I mentioned last class (and one of Kafka's favorite writers.)

Don't know if it's easy to find his books online and I wonder if it makes sense reading him in English. The Spanish translations are nice to read. If anyone is interested I can recommend you starting with Fritz Kochers Aufsätze, Der Spaziergang or Der Gehülfe.

Hello Fotini and Patricia!
thanks Patricia, yes, the entire domain is currently down, but last week it
was working, so hopefully they will restore it soon...otherwise, I'll try
to contact the authors, ask for the texts and post them as soon as
possible! It's a pity you can't come to the next session, but hope to see
you soon!

Hi Fotini and Federica,
@ Federica - apologies for not attending last meeting, and I'm afraid I
will be out of town for the next one - but will (like Fotini) follow
virtually and definitely attend the following one.

It's a pity the eccentricity meme comes now, this would be an ideal fit :) @Fotini, the entire domain with these texts is currently down, so perhaps waiting a few days, they will be restored - all the results are still archived in Google, so i expect this is a tech glitch on their server.

Bestest to all,

Hey I can't download the texts without also downloading software... can we get them on AAARG?
Looking forward to the discussion!

Dear All...
I hope you had a good and productive summer...

For our first meeting this are the readings:

- Gille Deleuze -Felix Guattari, 'What is a minor literature?'chapter 3, pp. 16-25
excerpt from 'Kafka - Toward a minor literature'.

Rather than limiting the relation between politics and literature to a definition of Political Fiction as genre, I would suggest that we start our conversation from the more productive definition of 'minor literature.'

- Frank Kafka - The Castle - till pp.30
here link:

just in case you wanna have a look in advance, but we are going to read/and comment it together..

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


p.s. let me know if the links work!

Fantastic reading list! I am available on Wednesdays, so the original date of September 12th works well for me. Look forward to it.


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