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Political Fiction: Eccentricity

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Next session: We will read together Gertrude Stein's short story 'The Gentle Lena' . here you can download the story + a bio for those you are not familiar with Stein's life and writings.

Since we have discussed a Minor Literature and it seems that nobody was really satisfied with the term, next time I would like to discuss the notion of 'eccentricity'. It might be interesting to explore this concept and see how it relates to the notion of 'minor'.

The reading are

'Eccentricity and Deterritorialisation in Natalie Clifford Barney'

and 'Towards a theory of eccentricity'

We can start from the reading and then go into a discussion about the text and about eccentricity and Minor literature.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 07:00
Archive Kabinett (Archive Books), Dieffenbachstraße 31, 10967 more
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