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Queer Cinema

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i'd like to organize a screening / discussion course on queer cinema. the class could continue as long as there is interest, and we could choose films together. the first film will be derek jarman's 1977 film jubilee.

we would continue with:gregg araki's teen apocalypse trilogy (totally fucked up, the doom generation, nowhere) and films by bruce labruce, fassbinder, todd haynes, and more jarman (especially his film blue). i'm also thinking about chant d'amour by jean genet, my beautiful laundrette, and o fantasma.

the first screening could be friday december 3 or saturday december 4 at 7 or 8pm. screenings could continue on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule.


12/3 - jubilee by derek jarman

1/14 - the raspberry reich by bruce labruce

1/28 - teen apocalypse trilogy by gregg araki

2/11 - superstar: the karen carpenter story by todd haynes

2/25 - pink flamingos by john waters

3/25 - xxy by lucía puenzo

4/8 - aimee & jaguar by max färberböck

4/22 -

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I'm excited for Greg Araki!

i was thinking of screening at 911 dacian.

This sounds great! Both December 3 and 4 would work for me! I love the idea of keeping it going....


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