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Experimental Literature Cook Off

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We've all read literature in the usual forms. These forms include poems, short stories, novellas, plays and novels... but for most of us, that's it! What other literary forms can be written? What else is out there?

This workshop will give an overview of new literary forms, and will include a workshop to define and demonstrate them. First, we’ll make a "recipe" for a form of literature, making sure that the "recipe" describes how prepare the result "to taste". Then, we’ll swap recipes, "cook" with them and have a “cook off”.

Along the way, we’ll sample from other cookbooks, including the constraint-based writings by the Oulipo, the “scores” created by Fluxus artists, conceptual writing, flarf, experimental writers like italio calvino, vito accioni, etc.


The reading list associated with this will contain a ton of stuff. No need to read it all. Just look at whatever seems interesting to you. As the date grows nearer, there might be more specific suggestions.

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Excellent! I will schedule it for April 30, at 2:30pm. Let us know if you need any materials or special accommodations for your workshop. We will figure out the location closer to the date!

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That sounds better, actually.

How about April 30, on a Saturday afternoon? Around 2:30?

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April 29 would work instead.

Dylan can no longer come at this date! When could we do it instead?

Excellent! Since it is a few months from now, we can adjust the date later if needed!

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Yes, that date and time will work for me.

Perfect - can't wait!

Yes! How about April 8 at 7pm?

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I'm thinking to do this in the springtime. Perhaps April would be a good time?

This sounds great! When were you thinking about doing this?


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