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Capitalism and Schizophrenia / Anti-Oedipus / Deleuze and Guattari

Organizing Committee:


I'm very interested in making an attempt to understand this tome with a group of fellow readers - socratic leader/teacher/interpreter needed. Its too vast a wilderness to go it alone. 

On the purpose/approach: interest in comprehending D&G's methods and positions in the text, then seeing what aspects of D&G's analytical tools may still be useful to apply in some senses to our cultural realities today. In a general sense, the approach will be that applying theoretical psychoanalytical tools on a societal level is a very powerful method of analysis and interpretation.  We can discuss Freud's Civ and its Discontents, Marcuse's ideas, Foucault, and others as needed in the early sessions.

First class TBD some time in mid september at 155 Freeman st. If we meet more frequently than once a month, as I think we should, we can't use Freeman space, so we will determine subsequent meeting times and locations then and post it here. I think meeting once a month is too slow and the density of the text will prove to be too much. Meeting every 2 weeks, or even once a week will keep it fresh and alive.  We will likely do a chapter or 2 per session, and proceed through the tome, unless its decided otherwise at first mtg. 

We would really benefit from the help of a discussion leader with some familiarity with philosophy the text to socratically lead discussions; perhaps help interpret and contextualize each chapter a bit each week. Volunteers?

We will be meeting bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 155 Freeman (There is another group meeting on Sundays:

text: penguin classic trans version trans by Hurley and Seem with preface by Foucault.

post comment if unknowns remain and I'll update this asap.



We will be meeting on a bi-weekly basis, Wednesdays at 155 Freeman at 7 PM


I miss this group already!

Goodbye doesnt have to be forever: come one come all to a benefit party
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There was talk of dark wave at dinner last night, so you may be glad to
check out some bands and dance til late. Good music for a good cause:
supporting the creation of spaces at which to let desires flow!

Hope to see you there~

More about what this kick ass party benefits:
The Base is a sociopolitical space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the
dissemination of radical-left ideas and organizing.

The mission of the space is to spread ideas and practices to the broader
populace and provide a place where individuals can learn, grow, and
organize outside of traditional activist and educational institutions.

We will provide a foundation for fostering the ideas and theory of people
who have either a preliminary background in political thought, or who have
not grappled with political theory at any level.

Furthermore, we will establish a framework where creative modes of sharing
will be encouraged, with the goal of spreading these modes beyond the
confines of the space itself.

We intend to establish a sociopolitical model in New York City where
participants can create projects that are expansive and creative.

Lastly, this will be a place where people can grapple with, organize, and
find solutions to issues that affect their living situation in a
constructive environment.

Please support the cause!

If anyone feels the need to catch up before the final session tomorrow night, here's a link to the recording of last week's class.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Please note LOCATION CHANGE for 2/13 meeting!!!! Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict we will not be meeting at 155 Freeman. Instead we will be meeting at Milk and Roses, a coffee shop at 1110 Manhattan Ave that is A) only 2 blocks farther down Manhattan Ave B) sufficiently quiet and well lit to discuss a book C) open during the hours we've been meeting. The final 2 sessions will be held at 155 Freeman.
We've made it 3/4 of the way through Anti-Oedipus! As we enter into the home stretch with the final chapter, I thought I'd post the (possibly idealized) schedule for the final sections. All meetings will take place at 155 Freeman at 7:00 pm. Reading/Meeting Schedule for Final Chapter 2/13: 4.1 The Social Field, 4.2 The Molecular Unconscious (23 pages) 2/20: 4.3 Psychoanalysis and Capitalism, 4.4 The First Positive Task of Schizoanalysis (44 pages) 2/27: 4.5 The Second Positive Task (43 pages) wrap up. Hope to see you all there!


Thanks for the email; it's always great to hear from similarly interested
folks at other Public School branches.
I took a look at your proposal and it sounds quite fascinating. I have no
experience with these texts in a therapeutic -as opposed to a philosophical
or aesthetic- context and am interested in hearing more about that. I hope
you plan to record these sessions and post them on the Public School site.
You mentioned that you studied both Lacan and Deleuze; might you be able to
recommend a text that explains the way in which their thinking interacts?
There are number of places in Anti-Oedipus where Deleuze and Guattari are
responding to Lacan, but many more where it seems like they might be, but
it's not explicit. If you could point out a source that might shed some
light on this, it would be a great help to our group.
Best of luck with your class,
John Munshour


I'm curious about your preparatory materials, regardless of whether the
class occurs (though I hope it does) could you send me any relevant scans
of texts you may have?


Joshua Johnson

Someone had asked about audio for session 3.

Sorry for the delay in getting this recording back up.

There were problems with the recording of session 4 so, unfortunately, that can't be posted.

Thanks for uploading the audio from the last discussion. Do you happen to have the audio for discussions 3 and 4? The links don't seem to be working on the tumblr site. Thanks again for sharing the recordings!

Recording of Anti - Oedipus 2.7 - 2.9 discussion (11-28-12) is available at the link below.



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