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Strikes, Occupations & Rebellion: Class War Against Austerity

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Capitalism began its financial meltdown in 2007, but cracks were already showing. The racist crackdown on immigrants with the Sensenbrenner Act in 2006 sparked the nationwide general strike of millions on May Day; a strike of teachers set off an uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico where for 7 months protestors occupied the Zocalo, seized the university, and took over radio and TV stations; in France millions of students and young workers took to the streets, coordinated their actions, and forced the government to back down on the CPE “Kleenex” law that would have made work completely precarious. Striking textile workers in Bangladesh responded to police repression by burning and sacking factories. By 2008 there were food riots in over 35 countries, many in North Africa. In December 2008 there were 2 more sparks, in Greece the police murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos set off protests, riots, and strikes – including general strikes – that have lasted to this day. In Chicago, workers at the Republic Windows and Doors occupied their factory when it closed and they were cheated out of their severance; after 6 days they won their pay. In 2009 autoworkers occupied the Ssangyong factory in South Korea for 77 days when they were laid off after the plant was sold in bankruptcy. In 2010, the revolt spread everywhere, to France, Italy, England and the U.S. over education. As the crisis bankrupted whole countries, the new austerity was resisted in Spain, Portugal, Iceland, and the Balkans. A strike at a Honda factory in China shut down all Honda plants and even shut down other auto, electronics and plastics factories. At the beginning of 2011, revolts in Tunisia brought down the regime, soon duplicated in Egypt and set off uprisings across North Africa and the Arab world. In Wisconsin, austerity attacked the public sector, resulting in an occupation of the capitol building and a wildcat strike of teachers accompanied by mass walk outs of students. On September 17 the Occupy Wall Street took over Zucoctti Park in New York, continuing the spirit of Tahrir Square in Cairo. The Occupy Movement spread to over 1,000 cities worldwide. Oakland attempted general strike, had a port shutdown and other radical occupations. The world is on fire. This multimedia presentation looks at historical precedents to our situation and possible ways to link up with other anti-capitalist struggles across the planet.

Gifford Hartman from Insane Dialectical Posse
Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 14:00
Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair, 4800 Hollywood Blvd, 90017 more
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