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A Map of Spinoza : Reading the Ethics

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According to academic folklore, the walls of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's boyhood bedroom were covered in diagrams and coloured arrows that charted the architecture of Spinoza's Ethics. Together we will draw our own twenty-first century of this diagram, closely reading Spinoza's Ethics aloud and working our way through them. We'll be trying to dig into the question of the relation between Spinoza's ontology, his psychology, and his politics, in an attempt to find materials useful to the emancipatory tasks of the present moment. This class will begin in mid-October and continue with regular meetings thereafter. Activists, artists, academics, intellectuals -- all are welcome !
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Date & time work for me. Do you recommend any particular tranlsation?

I missed it...are you planing to continue it after March?

I missed it...are you planing to continue it after March?

Dear Friends :

We are planning to commence the "Map of Ethics" Spinoza class very soon.

For those who are interested, would a meeting time of 7pm (Pacific time) on Thursdays work ?

Please let me know (via comments here) whether this will NOT work for you.

Otherwise, I will take it that this time will work for you, and will plan accordingly.

Thanks for your patience while we schedule this !

Best wishes -- David

Interested. Can only attend after 7:30 or 8:00 on weekdays

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Hi David,

Some friends and I are interested in your proposal. When in mid-October do you have in mind? And where should we meet? And are we really going to read the whole text out loud?




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