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*SUNDAY READING GROUP: Capitalism and Schizophrenia / Anti-Oedipus / Deleuze and Guattari

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This page is for people interested in forming an Anti-Oedipus reading group who are unable to make our Wednesday meetings.

Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 19:00
Cage, 83A Hester St. more
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Hey all,
Those of you who can't make the Wednesday reading group are welcome to join us at 83A Hester Street tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm. I guess we'll see how far everyone's gotten, but I'd propose trying to read through Chapter 1.

Hope to see you guys there!


P.S. I'm going to repost this in the other reading group's list, sorry if you get double-emails about it.

Just to clarify for everyone, the Sunday group is meeting the Sunday AFTER this one — October 7th. Clearly, we're going to be on a different schedule than the other group.

Can I propose we try to get through the 1st chapter by then? Or is this too ambitious? What do people think?

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Hey guys,

You all can organize the readings and meetings however you'd like for the Sunday group.  I think the first chapter is a good first assignment, but let's see how the rest of the group feels.


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Is the Sunday group doing the same reading as Wednesday?



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Hey guys, I added this to the calendar and the weekly announcement, so hopefully some people will make it out this time around.  Let me know how it goes on Sunday, and keep me posted about your future meetings.  I'll be sure to add them all to the calendar as soon as they're scheduled.


Hello, we plan to meet at Cage 83A hester St again on Sunday 7 Oct at 7pm. Please let us know if you are attending so we can know whether to open the space (last week noone attended).



Hi all,

The person with the key to CAGE (83a Hester Street off of Allen) can meet this Sunday at 8pm, but I think she'd like to make it more like 5 or 6pm in the future. How do people feel about this? If that doesn't work, I can get a key for earlier.



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