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...The H.D. Book, written by Oakland born poet, Robert Duncan, was released in January 2011. The book is a 600 page reflection on his poetics, the mystery of the making of a poem, and the mystery alone of making, constellating a universe of poems and persons, expanding and refining an imagination of what a poem is, and what a poem can be, including the works of poets, philosophers, critics, scientists, theologians, political activists, all woven into the singular yet many layered event which is this text.

This proposal is to participate in a reading of The H.D Book, devoting longer periods of time to the poems which Duncan cites as "the world mind in process."

In Chapter 6, he writes, "These poems where many persons from many times and many places begin to appear-as in The CantosThe Waste LandFinnegan's Wake, The War Trilogy, and Paterson-are poems of a world-mind in process.  The seemingly triumphant reality of the War and State disorient the poet, who is partisan to a free and world-wide possibility, so that his creative task becomes the more imperative.  The challenge increases the insistence of the imagination to renew the reality of its own.  It is not insignificant that these "poems containing history" are all products of a movement in literature that was identified in the beginning as "free" verse."

The group will meet bi-weekly in a space yet to be determined.  The only requirement is that each person possess The H.D. Book.  The five poems listed above will be supplied. The class will begin September 21st.  Please e-mail with questions and expressions of interest.  A syllabus will be posted within the week.

Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 12:00
meet at The Campanile on UC Berkeley more
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