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"Capitalism and Schizophrenia / Anti-Oedipus / Deleuze and Guattari" blog

A recording of the first meeting of Capitalism and Schizophrenia

Here's a recording of the first meeting - sorry the volume is a little low - I'll work on that next time.




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when is the next meeting?


Thanks for making recordings available (am listening in from Ireland) and looking forward to next class :-)

Hey everyone, I find it great listening in, bravo, keep recording!

In terms of exactly that, the term recording and the idea of a recording surface that they use in the text, I think it's pretty clearly the opening to a rethink of the major intellectual fetish in 1960s Paris: coding, sign theory, semiotics. In terms of the surface, remember Freud and the magic notebook, the Wunderblock, which he used as an image of the inscription of language in the unconscious. What's the role of language going to be in all this? How to understand the operations of signs? What does a machinic sign-theory look like? How does the sign fit into social production and how does it overflow production? Anti-productive signs? Miraculating machines?

Guattari was fascinated by cybernetics all his life. But he didn't just take it as such. Later on, D&G entirely rework Hjelmslev (with some borrowings from Peirce too) in order to create a sign theory that would mesh with one of the core political notions in their work, which is the collective agency of speech (agencement collectif d'énonciation). It would be useful to keep the quarrel with semiotics and structuralism in mind, and see how that theme of recording develops as you read the book.

subvert and enjoy, BH

Awesome! Listening in from California.

I haven't read this, but I want to read it now, and tune-in weekly to see how your discussion goes.  Thanks for posting this!


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