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Reading the Bible Very Slowly

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The yearly Jewish cycle of reading the first 5 books of the Bible commences in October. We will start with Genesis and go from there… no previous experience with the Bible or any other language required. We ask that participants bring whatever Bible they like so that together we can weave a conversation of different translations and interpretations. The text of the Bible has a complicated and sometimes weird history and we'll explore it together with all the means at our disposal including some knowledge of biblical languages. (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Coptic??!) All are welcome! Bring a friend! –Yosefa Raz & David Brazil
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Hey people! 

We're cancelling this week -- let's try again next week.Details to follow soon. YR

Ash huh I work then but go for it!

Hey People, 

I'm not sure how to turn this into a class (s there a special icon for it?) but I propose we meet this week on Wednesday at 6:15 at Arbor Cafe in Temescal and start thinking about how to proceed -- probably to a regular time on Monday (sorry Samuel!) but maybe we can find another time. And we can read the first few lines of Genesis right on time! Also, we can try and imagine a better venue. Commonwealth? Maybe some public space in the area? 


See you soon! Yosefa


Please dont make this class on monday tuesday or wednesday. unless its in the morning!

Maybe Chochmat Halev on Prince St., close to Ashby BART.

Not sure if they have places to meet, but I left a message nevertheless.


Hey Slow Folks! If we want to start this off on the ritual schedule we have from Oct. 8th-13th to read the first chapter. Wednesday the 10th might be a good date to start with. Also, any ideas for a space? Some quiet cafe perhaps? Goodbellies in Temescal would be cool, but they close at 6. YR


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