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Organizing Committee:

Let's think and work together on a concept of neo-provincialism. 

In order to define this term, we might start by bringing together seemingly disparate projects that seek to ameliorate the supposed problems of the urban life by way of implementing something of a pre-industrial provincialism within the urban pysche and/or urban fabric. 

On an individual level, this term could characterize the urban-dweller's particular (often naive) nostalgia for pre-neoliberal or even pre-capitalist ways of living in "community" and in relation to nature.


At the same time, and in relation to this, we could identify neo-provincialism as a framework within which to situate arguments against the modernist distinction between nature and culture and develop an understanding of the broader significance of recent attempts at reconnecting the social and natural worlds.
The objective here would be to see if there is anything significant that we can grasp by locating a certain "neo-provincial" tendency within various areas of engagement. There is no intention to make value judgements or ethical claims by labeling things as neo-provincial, or to just develop some term that we can then come to a consensus on as being simply derogatory. And on the other hand, this is not an attempt to "make a case" for this erstwhile nonexistent concept as a solution or viable intellectual project. I'm just seeing this as a sort of tendency and would like to think within the context of The Public School on how this may, or may not, be significant.
Tentative outline on the meetings pages to the right.
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hi all,

here is a slide show posted on architizer about 'historic diagrams that shaped the modern city'

There are no plans at the moment to continue this class at The Public School Berlin; however, I will continue to update the related tumblr as discussions from the meetings develop into texts, proposals, responses, and so on:
I've uploaded the short reading for the next meeting here: and


Read from page 278, starting with the sentence, "The following are two tracks that seem interesting to explore:"


Also, take another look at the class tumblr: I will upload a short text from me later this afternoon.


We will meet at 4pm on Saturday (October 27th) at Archive Books.

me neither.
Besides, when is the next meeting taking place?

Just a reminder that the first meeting for neo-provincialism will take place at 4pm on Saturday, October 4th, at Archive Books. 


In advance of the meeting, take a look at the tumblr set up in relation to the topic:


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