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Forderungen (Demands): From Austerity to Post-Monetary

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Ralph and Stefan Heidenreich will hold a two-day workshop to update issues they discussed in their book, Mehr Geld (More Money) published in 2008.
They plan on addressing the following topics/questions as well as any others suggested by the class:
-Credit is money, money is wealth.
-The role of the States in the financial crisis.
-What could be our demands to counter the current predicament?
-How can we construct a collective alternative and the factors involved in emulating existing power structures.
-Arguments for a network-based and moneyless economy.
Readings to be posted.


  • Ralph and Stefan Heidenreich


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Hi Everyone,

Ralph and Stefan will be holding a public editing workshop this Saturday related to this class at A Public Library (the new host of The Public School Berlin). Please find out more here:

Hope to see you there!

a short video on GS practices:

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Please note that the schedule for this shifted from Thursday/Friday (25/26) to Wednesday/Thursday (24/25).


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