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oscillator workshop

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part one in a series of workshops on constructing an am transmitter from scratch using a modular approach. in each workshop we will construct a component of the transmitter and by the end of the series the participant will have a working am transmitter.

today we will learn about oscillator theory and design. topics included will be tuned circuits, drift, inductors (helical and toroidal) and variable capacitors, feedback, buffering, and some common oscillator designs. 

hartley, colpitts, pierce, phase locked loops, and direct digital synthesis designs will be presented and we will construct a vfo using the hartley design. 

solomon b.
Sunday, December 2, 2012 - 12:00
The Public School Los Angeles, 951 Chung King Road, 90012 more
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oh jeez. guys i'm really sorry. i was just going through my parts bins to throw together some colpitts vfo kits for tomorrow and i realized that i am missing some key parts. i feel really bad for slacking off on this class but no toroids = no VFO.

i'll be in my studio all day tomorrow anyways so if anyone wants to talk shop feel free to stop by.

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hello. tomorrow is the workshop date.

it will not be happening at thepublicschool's office (951 chung king road). it makes more sense to do it in my studio where i have a bunch of test equipment which we can use. if you have a soldering iron you might want to bring it because i only have one here. 

my studio is on the corner of broadway and cottage home above pho 87. go into the pho 87 parking lot and call my cell phone (323-804-7839) and i will show you how to get inside.

i guess i forgot to include the course fee but it will be $5 which goes to the public school and a materials fee which i have not yet determined but which will be around $5.


Just to clarify then, no workshop tomorrow (12.2)? Or is this the reschedule date?

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Fun! I'm teaching open hardware in TPS New York. we will also make a simple oscillator with transistors in Dec 8 class. 

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i'm sorry to do this but i have to postpone this workshop. i've been sick all week and haven't gotten everything together. rest assured the workshop will happen and it will be very cool. i am going to reschedule it to happen a couple weekends from now.



I got sick and missed the last one, but I'm so stoked for this! I'll bring my iron.


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