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The City and the Political - Stockholm Pilot

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For the first time in Stockholm, we are organizing a class for The Public School. To make it simple, we call it a 'pilot'.

We went on to the website for The Public School ( and chose one of the existing class proposals - The City and the Political - which was developed into a real class last year by The Public School in Berlin. We have decided to now organize this class here in Stockholm, having a gut feeling that this topic surfaces many concerns of this particular urban environment.

You are invited to join if you are active and/or interested in reflecting on what the Political may mean in the specific context of specifically Stockholm; the long history of planning, housing, and development here; what current practices in this city might provide concrete hopes or villains; and how a subject as general as "The City and the Political" can be informed through such a site-specific inquiry.

We are curious to discover how practices and thoughts in Stockholm would respond to this topic, but also in how would a TPS class develop/what would happen if a topic is borrowed in this way, from outside.

So far The Public School was operating the following way: when the time comes and a critical number of people in one city gather together, they would be invited by The Public School to establish a Committee specifically for that one city. Once it's been established, proposals for classes in that city can be posted, updated, shared on The Public School website, people can express their interests and information about scheduled classes can be passed on. This time round, we are doing in reverse - with no prior demand or interest, we simply invite you to a discussion.

We suggest to start with reading one text, thinking of how would we respond to it.
The text is accessible here:

See you on THURSDAY 25 October 2012, at 1830 - IASPIS Studio (Sean Dockray)


Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 18:30
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