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Open Hardware for Artists

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Class 1: Introduction to electronics.  


This class will be a general introduction to working with electronics, and plan for the series. We will make simple oscillator with transistors. 
No experience required. Come if you are interested in using electronics for your art project, music, or if you want to fix the street light after hurricane.  

Class will be fun for experienced hackers too, so don't hesistate to come and share your skillz. 
We are envisionig this series as something between flocking hacker space and knitting circle. Future sessions will be facilitated by other hackers and participants. Chek the proposal page to see the roadmap. 

Suggested reading 

Handmade Electronic Music : Nicholas Collins 
Make:Electronics : Charles Platt 
Making things talk: Tom Igoe  
Anything on Arduino (we will get there around third class) 

(We suggest buying those books, because they rock! but you can also find PDF of some chapters online with simple search)

So, here is a challenge to get material for the class. 
You can find following items at local Radioshack, or order from Jameco or Sparkfun, or borrow from friends or family.   

Bill of material.

  1. Breadboard
  2. Soldering iron 
  3. Multimeter 
  4. Wire cutter (nipper) 
  5. NPN & PNP & PUT transistors 
  6. LED 
  7. Speaker 
  8. various resistors and capacitors (we can provide) 

(Update! Get stuff! here is the list

Don't worry if you can't find them or get them in time, we have extra material for about 8 people. 

Free: $5~10 suggested donation toward 155 Freeman space/ extra $tbd if you want to use our parts, or bring your own material 
Also, we always welcome snacks! 

Facilitator: Taeyoon Choi 

Taeyoon Choi
Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 13:00 to 16:00
Maximum capacity: 
155 Freeman, 155 Freeman, 11222 more
Attending (21)
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A reminder, second session will happen today at 1pm @ 155 Freeman.

Come to make an oscillator! 

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Hi Everyone, thanks for coming to the class.

Next one is scheduled. Please sign up here. 

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If you have one, please bring laptop and 9V battery.  
If not, it's cool. 

See you tomorrow! 

This is Awesome!!

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Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving evening!

I'm hoping to get a head count of people who are coming with tools and material.

Can someone bring soldering iron and multimeter?

if you are getting your own material, please also get 9V battery and snap connector in addition to bill of material. 

see you Saturday afternoon! 


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Hi everyone, I updated the class page with bill of material. check it out! 

have a great thanksgiving and meet you next sunday! 

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