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Palestine 101: the history of the conflict and strategies for action

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Are you interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict but don't know how to sort through all the information (and dis-information) on the topic?

I propose to teach (with others) a primer on the conflict to establish a baseline for further discussion / action. Starting with an informational presentation, we'll:

- Walk through a brief political history of the region, including it's status as a British mandate, the period leading to Israeli "independence" in 1945-1948, and major military conflicts, and an overview of Zionism as a political philosophy.

- Take a more in-depth look at the current situation of Israeli occupation, including the first and second intifadas, and more recent peace talks.

- Examine the rhetoric used in popular discourse around the conflict, and how the conflict is portrayed in different media.

- Describe the range of local and international resistance movements.

The meeting could conclude with a discussion of possibilities for activism for Americans, locally, nationally, and in Israel/Palestine. This could turn into a series of meetings designed to develop strategies for Palestine activism in the Triangle area.

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I'm still interested in this course. Is it possible to offer it this summer? Are others still interested?

(That last post should end with a question mark. Sorry.)

So, could we schedule this for sometime in April? When would people be available...

This looks like a very intense and very good class! I would love to take it. Do you have any suggestions for preliminary readings? Also, I think we should schedule it asap, since there will be more than one session. Thoughts?


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