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The Power of the False

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"If fiction destroys reality, then the task is not to represent the world as it already is but to annihilate it.
But only the most devastating story will do."


Our future has been bought and sold by power brokers, and then they have the gall to demand realism. But we know that the desire to break free comes from imaginaries made from art, language, and culture.

We propose a constructed situation to refuse the real and explore the power of fiction.

To begin, we will look to video essays to see the shadow that the past casts on the future; techno-utopia meets its earthly limits, revealing that yesterday's promises have becoming the bricks for a society built on fear, crisis, and security.

Next, we will breathe air into the present. A series of texts describing the power of illusion or the destruction of reality will polarize the room. Together, we will parse the material on power, fiction, gender, race, and capital to open up escape routes to new futures.

Lastly, we will chart a radical cartography. Moving beyond mere idle talk, we will construct a cultural artifact that subverts the world we've been given to find the sea beneath the streets. "How do we make the present unrecognizable?" "What will it take to disrupt the future?"

Sunday Nov 11 4PM
2355 Broadway (at 24th)
Downtown Oakland
Across from the YMCA

Sunday, November 11, 2012 - 16:00
2355 Broadway (at 24th Street), in Oakland, CA -- across from the YMCA more
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