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Open hardware for Artists #2: Oscillators

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First class was fun! See picture and lecture. 

Second class will continue on about basic electronics and use NPN and PNP transistors to make a simple oscillator.

We will review material from the first class, so feel free to come for the first time. 

Suggested donation $10 (please help us keep this class running by community based support for material and space)  

Bring your Laptop, electronic tool (soldering iron, tweezer, nipper, etc), 9V batteries, and breadboard. I will post the complete Bill of Material soon. 

Facilitated by Taeyoon Choi

Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 13:00
Maximum capacity: 
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tchoi8's picture

Hi Russell!

sorry to have missed you.

We continued on with this lecture, and completed making an oscillator with transistor and capacitor with resistors. 

I don't know yet when next class will be, due to holiday issues, but I will have another class on motors and sensors on 12.22 at another location. 

Will post about that soon. 


russellstephens's picture

I missed the class! Lost track of time and then lost my chance for the subway. I'll be at the next one but, if possible, could you upload the lecture notes and maybe some good references so I can catch up?

tchoi8's picture

Allright! see everyone in few hours! bring your laptop if you have one, it will be easier to look at the schematics. 

tchoi8's picture

I have enough material for 20 people: NPN,PNP transistors, resistors and capacitors and breadboard and speaker with few sensors. You can use and return them for free or purhcase. If you have your own breadboard, soldering iron, tweezer, wire stripper, and etc, it will be convenient. 

See you all soon!

Is somebody doing a bulk order for components we need?  (Also... what are these components?)  I can chip in...

cool beans!


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