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A Map of Spinoza : Reading the Ethics

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The first meeting of our Spinoza class. Bring your copy of Ethics if you have one.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 19:00
2355 Broadway (at 24th Street), in Oakland, CA -- across from the YMCA more
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Excellent first meeting. Looking forward to future meetings.

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edit: not sure why that posted twice, couldn't delete this comment so I'm blanking it out

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Can we use the R. Elwes translation located here:

Or would it be preferable to purchase a copy of the Edwin Curley translation you mentioned in the comment below? There does not seem to be a copy of the Curley text at any Oakland public library, but there are copies at Berkeley public libraries.

There is no required reading -- but if you have the chance to read the Definitions and the Axioms in Book I, please do.

Questions we can formulate about these definitions and axioms will be a useful point of departure in our first meeting, which will mostly, I think, be about getting our bearings with Spinoza, his contexts, and the book in front of us.

Lastly -- "A Spinoza Reader," featuring Edwin Curley's translation of the "Ethics" & supplemental texts, is very helpful & easy to find secondhand.

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Is there any required reading for this first meeting?


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