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Our Lives Are Not Negotiable: A Reading Group

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#43, 2 January 2012, ???
--"Dreamers of a Successful Life" - Paolo Virno, 1979, 6 pages:
--"On Armed Struggle" - Paolo Virno, 1979, 2 pages
--"Do You Remember Revolution?" - Lucio Castellano, Arrigo Cavallina, Giustino Cortiana, Mario Dalmaviva, Luciano Ferrari Bravo, Chicco Funaro, Antonio Negri, Paolo Pozzi, Franco Tommei, Emilio Vesce, Paulo Virno, 1983, 13 pages:
--"And We Will Still Be Ready to Storm the Heavens Another Time: Against Amnesty" - Alfredo Bonanno, 1984, 39 pages:
--"Do You Remember Counterrevolution?" - Paolo Virno, 1995, 18 pages
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 19:00
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